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Oyster creek brewing Co.



Shiney-ness Leads to Tastiness!

Oyster Creek Brewing Company started as a guy with an appreciation for good beer. Then he began to make his own beer and well… he was pretty damned good at it. It evolved from an occasional hobby, to monthly brewing sessions, to a passion and then into a dream of opening a brewery. 


Over the past 10 years, we have shared our beer with our friends and family. The amazing feedback we received has fueled our desire to brew and driven our aspiration to share our unique recipes with a broader audience. And hey, if we can make a living doing it, all the better. 


Oyster Creek Brewing will be a "nanobrewery", which basically means that it is smaller than a microbrewery but bigger than our back yard. We will have a small brewing area in the back and a taproom up front where customers can sit and have a drink or fill a growler to take home to enjoy. Most importantly, we will concentrate on producing small craft batches of the unique recipes that we have developed over the years. Our products will also be gluten-reduced to accommodate those who are gluten-sensitive in a way that preserves taste and quality.


Look for our grand opening of that brewery this fall!


It's what's on the inside that counts

Our brewery is built around our 2 BBL all electric brewing system. It might be small, but with it, we can make a consistently excellent product for our customers to enjoy. With this system we have precise control over brewing times and temperatures, which is key to making good beer. 

The taproom will be the place people will want to visit and hang out for a while, reflecting the styles of our local nuclear power plant, while having the comfort to let you sit back and enjoy a pint or a flight after you take a tour of the facility.

Growler fills will be available for those who want to cash and carry out to whatever destination suits them and in the future, we will add a crowler station for those who prefer the convenience of taking a variety of cans with them when they leave.

Stop in after our grand opening and enjoy the best of what we have to offer.

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